The Fastest Way to Speed Up Personal Transformation

Lauren Sapala
3 min readJul 12

In my last two articles, Why Is Writing About Trauma So Hard? and Scared Others Will Judge Your Writing? I talked about writing to heal. Specifically, I talked about the big fears that many writers experience when they realize they need to write the story of their healing journey. The fear can feel so strong that we become confused and full of self-doubt. And so, we put off writing our story, sometimes for months or years, and sometimes forever.

What writers don’t often realize is how writing our story is directly connected to our personal transformation. It’s common for many writers to experience a midlife awakening. This is when a person wakes up, realizes that the years are passing and they still haven’t fulfilled what they need to fulfill to carry out their life purpose.

Although this can be a highly uncomfortable state, it’s also when we have the option to begin a really big transformation. If we experience the call to be a writer and write our story of healing, then writing this story is one of our life tasks. It’s one of the reasons we are here on earth.

If we say YES to this call, we will begin to transform faster than ever before.

Our transformation will go into hyper-speed, and we can become a new person in a matter of months, or weeks. Old issues and patterns break up and break away, and old blocks are released. Writing is an essential part of this, because whenever you answer the call to complete one of your life tasks, the universe shows up to meet you there and help you in big ways.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class called Write to Heal, and we’ll be exploring writing about personal stories, personal transformation, and so much more. We’ll be covering topics like:

Finding a theme and structure for difficult memoir

Working with fictional characters who are based on you, but are not you

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